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There is a time during our worship services when the “young and young at heart” are invited forward for a “Time with the Children.”  Members of the Time with the Children Team participate in a brief discussion with the kids before they leave for Sunday School.

Tips for leading the Time with the Children:

  1. Remember, this is a brief time with the children.
  2. Pastor Jeff’s advice is to have one question for the kids to engage them, one point you want to make, and one prayer to conclude the time.
  3. It is especially important on Sundays when we celebrate communion that the time with the children be very focused and brief.
  4. Use the hand-held mic so the congregation can hear you.  The mic needs to be held right in front of your mouth.  Repeat what kids say so they know that they’ve been heard and so the congregation can hear what the kids have to say.
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