Rev. Jeff Spencer
Pastor Jeff is the Senior Pastor at Niles Discovery Church. He also sings baritone with the Golden Gate Men’s Chorus and regularly nags his niece and nephew to send him art to hang in his office. He is passionate about connecting the gospel’s message of love to issues of justice and peace. Contact Pastor Jeff here.

Rev. Brenda Loreman
Pastor Brenda is the Associate Pastor of Niles Discovery Church. When she’s not at church, Brenda enjoys puttering in the garden and kitchen. An accomplished textile artist, she often has projects-in-process that take over the house. She believes that the world is hungry for—and healed by—the deep spiritual gifts and transformative grace that the church has to offer. Contact Pastor Brenda here.

Cecilia Le
Our Office administrator Cecilia Le has been the bookkeeper of Niles Discovery Church since 2007. In her spare time she studies Oriental Medicine, enjoy hiking in the woods, and communing with her four-legged friends.

Sandra Lange
Sandra is the part-time office administrator for Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, so she has some familiarity with churches.

Sandra lives in Castro Valley and is an avid traveler. She is pleased to have a job that will be so compatible with her other one.

Ofer dal Lal
Ofer dal Lal leads the Ministry of Music at Niles Discovery Church. He likes exploring languages and foreign places and is generally curious about stuff. Ofer grew up in the Galilee and in Jerusalem, places that thirst for peace. He believes that singing is a basic human right and enjoys connecting people with the joy of music.

Jenny Lin
Jenny Lin is a full time music teacher in a private school and the accompanist and organist in Nile Discovery Church. She enjoys traveling around the world.