Social Media Boundaries


One of the challenges of 21st century church life is figuring out appropriate pastoral boundaries in social media. Here are the guidelines that Pastor Brenda and Pastor Jeff follow for Facebook. Because your Facebook page is essentially your cyber living room, you need to invite them in. That means you need to initiate a friend request. If you are already one of their Facebook friends and you’d really rather not have them in your cyber living room, just quietly “unfriend” them. No offense will be taken. While they like having this additional way to keeping up on what’s important in your life, they are okay with you setting whatever boundary works best for you when it comes to Facebook. Pastor Jeff I can be found at and Pastor Brenda can be found at


Pastor Brenda isn’t doing Twitter or Instagram, but Pastor Jeff is. Actually, he doesn’t do much on Instagram, but he does have an account. Like with Facebook, if you want him to follow you on Instagram, please let him know. If he is following you already and you’d rather he didn’t, feel free to block him; he will not be offended. Pastor Jeff is at if you want to follow him (you’re welcome to).


Because Twitter is so much less conversational than Facebook or Instagram, Pastor Jeff assumes that if you tweet publicly, you are fine with him following you — but if he is following you and you’d rather he wasn’t, just block him (or ask him to unfollow you). You are welcome to follow him ( You might also want to follow the church ( If you’d like Pastor Jeff to follow you, please let him know.

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