A Brief History of Niles Discovery Church
Niles Discovery Church is a new church borne of two churches each with a rich history: The First Congregational Church of Niles, known as Niles Congregational Church, and First Christian Church of Fremont. In 2006, these two churches started a process of discernment to determine if God was calling us to merge into one new church. In 2011, we determined we had such a call and on September 9, 2012, we formally became Niles Discovery Church, a congregation united in God's love for everyone's journey … no exceptions. And in March, 2015, we will move into our new church facility at 36600 Niles Blvd.


History of Niles Congregational Church

The NCCUCC Sign The town of Niles was first known as Vallejo’s Mill, after a flourishing grain mill. In 1869, the Central Pacific railroad named the station "Niles" after a railroad official, Judge Niles. The town has been known as Niles ever since.

The first school building was sold to the "Congregational Society," and was moved to a plot of land donated by the railroad. The church opened for regular services on June 16, 1889, with Frederic Maar as pastor. The First Congregational Church of Niles was officially organized on September 5, 1889, with twelve members.

The membership grew steadily, and in 1911, the Rev. F.V. Jones recommended that a new church be built. For the sum of $14,000, the Tudor style "Big Church" was built on the corner of H and Third Streets. This new structure had a seating capacity of 300, a complete gymnasium, a parlor, a study, and a very active kitchen.

On April 22, 1938, the church burned down. The present structure was erected on the same site, and dedicated on Easter Sunday in 1939, the church’s Fiftieth Anniversary. In 1960, the "Little House" behind the church was remodeled, and became the first nursery school in Niles. In 1994, the child care extension was built, replacing the Little House. Learn more…

History of Fremont Christian Church
Fremont Christian Church began in the home of Drs. Howard and Marjorie Horner. After a short while, Reverend Donald W. J. Anderson became the pastor and served the church for 33 years.

Significant Dates in the History of this Church

Jan 23, 1956:
City of Fremont Incorporated
Sep 18, 1960:
Congregation Chartered in Odd Fellows Hall, 109 J. Street; by Dr. Ben C. Bobbitt, Regional Minister-President
Oct 16, 1960:
Don Anderson began service as Pastor
Jan 7, 1962:
Second location, Store front at 37378 Niles Blvd.
Dec 2, 1962:
Third location, the historic Presbyterian Church Bldg at 37218 Fremont Blvd.
Oct 1, 1965:
Purchase of 35601 Niles Blvd. Property
Nov 7, 1971:
First Worship Service in the New Building
May 7, 1972:
Building Dedication
Sep 14, 1975:
Dedication of Serra Residential Center
Jul 31, 1993:
Donald Anderson retired as Church Pastor
Aug 1993:
Rev. Frank Jaggers, Interim Pastor
Dec 1994:
Rev. Linda S. Carlson, Pastor
Apr 2002:
Rev. Kay McFarland, Interim Pastor
Oct 2003:
Rev. Joe Walters, Pastor
Aug 2007:
Purchased Church at 36600 Niles Blvd.
Dec 1, 2007:
Started worshiping at present Church site
Oct 2008:
Rev. Kay McFarland, Interim Pastor
Jun 14, 2009:
Rev. Steve Kindle preached for the first time
Sep 13, 2009:
Rev. Steve Kindle was installed as Pastor
Jun 26, 2010:
Niles Open House and Community Day
A progressive congregation dually aligned with the UCC and DOC
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