The Chancel Choir of Niles Discovery Church

The Chancel Choir provides a ministry of music during the school year at our Sunday morning worship services. They present one (sometimes two) anthems and provide other incidental music to assist the congregation in our worship of God.

If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, we'd love to have you sing with us. Stop by at a choir practice on Thursday nights at 7:28 p.m. or speak with Ofer del Lal after Sunday service.

photo of Ofer
Adam Lee
Music Director
Jenny Lin - Organist
Jenny Lin


Beth Rasler
Joy Barnitz
Lisa Lahowe
Riki Twist
Sandra Thomas
Valerie Parker


Alta Jo Adamson
Diane Harvey
Dorothy Kusumoto
Ginny August
Joy Hurst
Lisa Rasler
Megan Thomson


Glennda Chui
John Hollowell
Mattias Vangbo
Pat Heer


Jim Thomas
Ken Rasler
Michael Thomson
Ron Adamson

Photo taken March 28, 2019