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Motto: Help Out Mother Earth (HOME)
Mantra: Stay Cool
Mission: With the goal of creating a healthy HOME (Help Out Mother Earth) for our community, we, the Green Team, will use all the science we already know to promote a healthy world environment for future generations by gathering our neighbors to encourage, educate, and advocate for needed sustainable climate solutions.

Creation Care Covenant of Commitment

Guiding Documents

Guiding Organizations and Programs

NDC Climate Actions

  • Alison Mountford, CEO and Owner of ends & stems, gave a wonderful presentation about food waste and how to address it.
  • The Green Team had an excellent speaker for the NDC Green Challenge on how to buy carbon offsets for Air travel (a huge carbon emitter.) Watch this presentation here YT Logo. You can buy carbon offsets for your next air trip (and other carbon emitting activities) at Green Mountain Energy
  • Noah Cordoba of East Bay Community Energy gave a presenation on Efficient and electric homes. Here are links to his presentation:
  • NDC Joins One Trillion Trees. See our pledge here: NDC Pledge to
    • NDC will continue its commitment to Climate Action by being stewards of the land in Fremont and the Tri-Cities. Together with Tri-City Ecology Center (TCEC) and the Tri-City Urban Forest Alliance (TUFA), we will plant trees to combat global warming and climate change.
    • Want to plant trees with American Forests, but don't need a certificate? For every dollar you donate, a tree will be planted in a priority threatened forest that we are working hard to restore and preserve.
      Visit American Forests for more information.
  • Raising the Alarm - March 11, 2021
Kairos Moments
Peoples’ Kairos Moments heard in our worship services:

The Green Team Challenge

As part of our church’s efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, we are encouraging members and friends of our church to join our church community group in the Fremont Green Challenge.

Forty percent of emissions come from just 5 common household activities (transportation, electricity, food, heat, waste) that we all do every day, so household actions can really add up to a huge impact. From May through August 2021, our church is participating in its own Green Challenge. May is Sign-Up month. June is Transportation month. July is Heat/Electricity month. August is Food/Waste month.

The Fremont Green Challenge platform is easy to use and provides practical action items. You don’t need to be a Fremont resident to join. Use the link

Please consider joining the Niles Community Church community group anytime, even after our 2021 Summer Challenge is over.

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