Worship Schedule - From January 30, 2022 to February 27, 2022
Date:  January 30, 2022 February 06, 2022 February 13, 2022 February 20, 2022 February 27, 2022
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Title:  A Son Says, 'I Am Not Okay' The Poor With Us Always The Need for Heart Surgery Outer Darkness Hate Your Family
Author:  Rev. Jeffrey Spencer Rev. Jeffrey Spencer Joy Barnitz Rev. Brenda Loreman Rev. Jeffrey Spencer
Preacher Location: 
Series:  I Am Not Okay The Difficult Words of Jesus The Difficult Words of Jesus The Difficult Words of Jesus The Difficult Words of Jesus
Liturgical Date:  4th after Epiphany 5th after Epiphany 6th after Epiphany 7th after Epiphany 8th after Epiphany
Color:  Green Green Green Green Green
Primary Scripture:  Mark 5:1-9 Matthew 26:6-13 John 8:41-47 Matthew 8:5-13 Luke 14:25-33
Secondary Scripture: 
Sermon in a sentence:  The legions that possess us need not be demons. All kinds of loyalties and ties can possess us. We all need healing. “The poor will be with you always” is frequently used to justify the inevitability of inequality and to provide religious sanction for the dispossession of the majority for the benefit of the few. Actually, this is a strong biblical mandate to end poverty. Loving our neighbor is one of Jesus' most important teachings. Why do the gospels seem to contradict this teaching? How might this apply in our lives today as individuals and in our relationships? No, Jesus is not telling us to despise our families. He is reminding us of how life-changing being his disciple is. Beware!
Anthem1 Title:  When Peace Like a River (It Is Well With My Soul) NC Again and Again The Sun Never Says Today We All Are Called to Be
Anthem1 Credit:  arr. James Biery, performed by Grosse Pointe Memorial Church The Many Dan Forrest, performed by First-Plymouth Church Lincoln Nebraska
Anthem2 Title:  "A Plowshare Prayer" (?)
Anthem2 Credit:  Spencer LaJoye
Hymn 1:  Let's Walk Together Welcome Anthem (Let Us Walk Together) Welcome Anthem (Let Us Walk Together) Welcome Anthem (Let Us Walk Together) Welcome Anthem (Let Us Walk Together)
Hymn 2:  (anthem 2) Lord You Give the Great Commission (Chalice 459) Servant Song (NCH 539 verses 1-4) O Christ, the Healer, We Have Come NCH 175 They'll Know We Are Christians (Chalice 494, verses 1-3)
Hymn 3:  As We Gather at Your Table NCH 332 Great is Thy Faithfulness (Chalice 86) For the Beauty of the Earth NCH 28 You Are My Hiding Place (Chalice 554) When You Do This, Remember Me (Chalice 400)
Hymn 4: 
Other:  Ron will run PowerPoint (after training from Jim). Who will lead prayers (from Zoom chat, Text, and Prayer Cards)? Val will ask Mark Twist to do this. Joy and Sandy will be leading Communion.
Sermon Ideas:  My 'demons' are "I am what I do" and "My work proves my worth." "*Then* all the reindeer loved him." I was taught conditional love. The focus will be on 8:44a
After Worship:  Secret Valentine Reveal
Liturgist:  Mike Foster Sandy Thomas Helen Boyer John Smith Riki Twist
Liturgist Location: 
Communion Set Up:  Sandy Thomas Liz Musgrave Ann Finlinson Liz Musgrave Judy Ballard
Communion Elder:  Liz Musgrave Joy Barnitz Sandy Thomas Mark Twist Liz Musgrave
Communion Elder Location:  Zoom
Communion Pastor: 
Communion Pastor Location: 
PowerPoint Operator: 
PP Operator Location: 
Producer:  Jim Thomas Jim Thomas Jim Thomas Jim Thomas Jim Thomas
Testimony/KM/MM:  MM: T: K: Helen Boyer T: MM:
T/KM/MM Location: 
Cyber Usher:  Bill Palleschi, Ryan Ramseyer Susie Claxton, John Smith Bob Monkman, Glennda Chui Ron Qian, Mike Foster Carl Nordling, Ron Adamson
Cyber Greeter:  Melissa Palleschi Veronica Riggs Gem Buenaflor-McMeen Riki Twist Shaun Moeller
Worship Attendants:  I don't have a 5th Sunday list Peggy Cassity, Beth Rasler, Tom and Amy Gunnarson Peter Wilson, Mark and Riki Twist Tarrah Henrie, Keith and Karen Moody John Smith, Sybil Smith, Julie Ballard, Melissa Palleschi
Money Counters: 
Teacher1:  Judy Hollowell Judy Hollowell, Sybil Smith Ingert Svaerd Kristina Wahlander Marilyn Vermazen, Beth Rasler
Teacher2:  Beth Armstrong Riki Twist Melissa Palleschi Denise Church
Teacher3:  Bee Newell Maria Garnica Mark Twist
Special Note:  lock-up Diane Harvey lock-up Mark Twist lock-up Bill Palleschi lock-up Ryan Ramseyer lock- up Tom Gunnarson
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