Worship Schedule - From April 02, 2023 to April 09, 2023
Date:  April 02, 2023 April 06, 2023 April 07, 2023 April 09, 2023 April 09, 2023
Time:  10:00:00 18:00:00 19:30:00 06:30:00 10:00:00
Title:  Look for the Unexpected meeting at United Church Love Wins
Preacher:  Rev. Jeffrey Spencer of Christ Fremont Rev. Jeffrey Spencer Rev. Jeffrey Spencer Rev. Brenda Loreman
Preacher Location:  Sanctuary Sanctuary Niles Town Plaza Sanctuary
CoPreacher:  Rev. Brenda Loreman Rev. Brenda Loreman Rev. Brenda Loreman Rev. Jeffrey Spencer
CoPreacher Location:  Sanctuary Sanctuary Niles Town Plaza Sanctuary
Series:  Looking for Love Looking for Love
Liturgical Date:  Palm Sunday Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter Sunrise Easter 10:00
Primary Scripture:  Matthew 21:1-11 John 20:1-18
Secondary Scripture:  Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 Jeremiah 31:1-6
Sermon in a sentence:  What kind of king rides a donkey? One that come proclaiming the kin-dom of God! Love wins.
Anthem1 Title: 
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Anthem2 Title: 
Anthem2 Credit: 
Hymn 1:  CWG Lord, What a Parade!
Hymn 2:  NCH 212 O Jesus christ May Grateful Hymns (v 1-2)
Hymn 3:  Show Us How to Love
Hymn 4:  DD Love us into fullness
Other:  The Rev. Charlene Hinkley, United Church of Christ Fremont, also leading
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After Worship: 
Liturgist:  Cecilia Church Sandy Thomas Mike Foster Mark Twist
Liturgist Location:  Sanctuary Sanctuary Niles Town Plaza Sanctuary
TWTC:  Pastor Jeff none
TWTC Location:  Sanctuary Sanctuary
Communion Set Up:  Liz Musgrave none Ann Finlinson
Communion Elder:  Sandy Thomas none Mark Twist Liz Musgrave
Communion Elder Location:  Sanctuary Niles Town Plaza Sanctuary
Communion Pastor:  Pastor Brenda none
Communion Pastor Location:  Sanctuary Niles Town Plaza Sanctuary
Accompanist:  Jenny Lin Jenny Lin Jenny Lin
Producer:  Jim Thomas Jim Thomas none Jim Thomas
Testimony/KM/MM:  video none none none video
T/KM/MM Location:  PowerPoint PowerPoint
Jokester:  none none Mike Foster
Jokester Location:  Sanctuary
Cyber Usher:  Jasmine and/or Tim Zartman Bob Monkman
Cyber Greeter: 
Worship Attendants:  Peggy Cassity; Beth Rasler Mark Twist, Julie Ballard
Closing:  Tom Gunnarson Bill Palleschi
Money Counters: 
CoffeeHour:  Amy Gunnarson, Marilyn Vermazen none Vickey Kean, Melissa Palleschi
Teacher1:  Judy Hollowell; Sybil Smith Ingert Svaerd, Barbara King
Teacher2:  Riki Twist Alison Kieft
Teacher3:  Bee Newell Mark Twist
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