Worship Schedule - From July 03, 2022 to July 31, 2022
Date:  July 03, 2022 July 10, 2022 July 17, 2022 July 24, 2022 July 31, 2022
Time:  10:00:00 10:00:00 10:00:00 10:00:00 10:00:00
Title:  Salome: Disciple of Jesus Phoebe: Mother of Preachers Priscilla: Teacher and Church Planter Mary Magdalene: Apostle to the Apostles Leaving Home
Preacher:  Rev. Brenda Loreman TBD Rev. Brenda Loreman Rev. Brenda Loreman Rev. Brenda Loreman
Preacher Location:  Sanctuary TBD Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary
CoPreacher:  N/A TBD N/A N/A N/A
CoPreacher Location:  Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary
Series:  Know Your Mothers Know Your Mothers Know Your Mothers Know Your Mothers Quest: Travel As a Spiritual Act
Liturgical Date: 
Color:  Green
Primary Scripture:  Mark 15:40, 16:1-8 Romans 16:1-2 Acts 18:2-3, 18, 24-26 John 20:1-18 Exodus 13:17-21
Secondary Scripture: 
Sermon in a sentence:  Although Salome is barely mentioned in the four canonical gospels, her frequent mentions in extra-canonical writing indicates that she was a prominent disciple of Jesus. Phoebe was no mere letter-carrier; she was a minister and founder of the church. Priscilla has more mentions than most women in Paul's narrative, and she is the possible author of the epistle to the Hebrews. Mary Magdalene was a brave, committed follower of Jesus, witness to the crucifixion and resurrection, and the first apostle commissioned by Jesus. Each of us finds ourselves sometime in life needing to leave the familiar in order to grow and to thrive.
Anthem1 Title:  Spring (Vivaldi) Air from Suite number 3 (Bach) Guide Me O Thou Great Jehova
Anthem1 Credit:  Xianxun Xia Nate Kakutani Appalachian Chant
Anthem2 Title: 
Anthem2 Credit: 
Hymn 1:  Chalice 614 I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me NCH 299 v. 1-2, 4 For All the Saints NCH 359 v. 1-3, 5 O God Who Teaches Us to Live NCH 522 v. 1, 4 I Love to Tell the Story Wayfaring Stranger (Version TBD)
Hymn 2:  Chalice 392 Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether Chalice 655 Community of Christ NCH 306 The Church of Christ in Every Age NCH 349 I Come with Joy NCH 391 In the Midst of New Dimensions
Hymn 3: 
Hymn 4: 
Sermon Ideas: 
After Worship: 
Liturgist:  Joy Barnitz Val Parker Riki Twist Liz Musgrave Cecilia Church
Liturgist Location:  Zoom Sanctuary
TWTC Location:  Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary Sanctuary
Communion Set Up:  Liz Musgrave Ann Finlinson Peter Wilson Julie Ballard Sandy Thomas
Communion Elder:  Sandy Thomas Joy Barnitz Liz Musgrave Mark Twist Sandy Thomas
Communion Elder Location: 
Communion Pastor: 
Communion Pastor Location: 
Conductor:  Michael Morales Michael Morales Michael Morales Michael Morales
Accompanist:  Jenny Lin TBD
Producer:  Jim Thomas Jim Thomas Jim Thomas Jim Thomas Jim Thomas
Testimony/KM/MM:  G: Joy Barnitz G: Val Parker K: G: Liz Musgrave MM:
T/KM/MM Location:  Zoom
Jokester Location: 
Cyber Usher:  Susie Claxton, John Smith Bob Monkman, Glennda Chui Ron Qian, Mike Foster Carl Nordling, Ron Adamson Bill Palleschi, Ryan Ramseyer
Cyber Greeter: 
Worship Attendants:  Peggy Cassity, Beth Rasler, Tom Gunnarson Peter Wilson, Mark Twist, Julie Ballard Tarrah Henrie, Keith and Karen Moody John and Sybil Smith, Melissa Palleschi 5th Sunday
Closing:  Tom Gunnarson Bill Palleschi Ryan Ramseyer Diane Harvey Tom Gunnarson
Money Counters: 
CoffeeHour:  Marilyn Vermazen, Amy Gunnarson Vickey Kean, Melissa Palleschi Sybil Smith, Riki Twist Alison Kieft, Judy Smith Riki Twist, Melissa Palleschi
Teacher1:  Judy Hollowell, Sybil Smith Ingert Svaerd, Barbara P King Kristina Wahlander, Barbara P King Marilyn Vermazen, Beth Rasler Judy Hollowell, Barbara P King
Teacher2:  Riki Twist Alison Kieft Melissa Palleschi Denise Church Beth Armstrong
Teacher3:  None None None None None
Gone:  JSS Jenny, Michael Jenny Jenny Jenny
Special Note:  Substitute pianist Omri Shimron Substitute organist Andrew Jamieson Substitute pianist Omri Shimron Substitute pianist Omri Shimron
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