The Niles Discovery Book Club meets on the fourth Tuesday evening of the month, August to June, in a group member’s home.
A different book is discussed each month. To join the group, contact the church office at (510) 797-0895.

The bookies are taking a short break during the summer and we are preparing next seasons book list and will post it soon. Listed below are last year’s book list. If you have any suggestions for books to add to our list this coming season, please call us. Thanks!

  Date   Title   Author   Book Leader
September   Lesson in Chemistry   by B. Garmus   ricky
October   The Only Woman in the Room   by M. Benedict   ricky
November   The Bull from the Sea   by M. Renault   cybil
December   West With Giraffes   by L. Rutledge   marylin
January   The Missing American   by K. Quartey   beth a
February   Freedom Road   by H. Fast   ray
March   Horse   by G. Brooks   jan
April   The Other Einstein   by M. Benedict   ron
May   Book of Last Names   by K. Harmel   beth r
June   Dictionary of Lost Words   by P. Williams   carol
SUMMER>>>>>   September   ( choose one or two)   carol
  .Papyrus   by I. Vallejo   beth a
  Song of the Dodo   by D. Quammen   ron
  The Covenant of Water   by A. Verghese   beth a
  Demon Copperhead   by B. Kingsolver   sybil
  Violin Conspiracy   by B. Slocumb   ron
  Lesson in Chemistry   by B. Garmus   ricky
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