NDC Policy Documents

From time to time the Cabinet (the church governing board) adopts or modifies policies to empower the ministry and mission of Niles Discovery Church. As we make the transfer from being two congregations into one, we are using the policies of Niles Congregational Church. All these policies will be examined at updated in the coming months to reflect the policies of our new church, Niles Discovery Church.  The links below will take you to most of the current policies of the church.

You’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view, download, or print these policies.

Policy Document   Last Updated
Alcohol Use Policy   Oct 04, 2015
Conducting Cabinet Business Online   Oct 21, 2019
Confirmation   Apr 13, 2018
Decor Policy   Jul 16, 2018
Do Not Publish Form   Jul 17, 2014
Facilities Use Policy   Aug 16, 2021
Facilities Use Request - Church Program   Oct 28, 2017
Facilities Use Request - Partner Program   Oct 28, 2017
Facilities Use Request - Renter   Oct 28, 2017
Financial Policy   Oct 19, 2020
Flea Market SOP   Jan 20, 2020
Furniture Borrowing Policy   Apr 03, 2018
Furniture Borrowing Form   Apr 15, 2019
Memorial and Funeral Services Policy   Dec 28, 2015
Ministry Team Policies   Jul 19, 2021
Personnel Policy   May 01, 2020
Records Retention Policy   Nov 18, 2013
Safe Church Policy   Apr 19, 2021
Signature Gathering Policy   Dec 16, 2019
Special Offering Schedule   Dec 19, 2018
Video in Worship Policy   Apr 13, 2018
Weddings Policy   Dec 28, 2015