Animal Stress due to Climate Change
November 08, 2020
Ron Adamson

I’m here to give a 3 minute message from the Green Team, a kairos moment.

I believe that Global Climate Change is real, and I believe that we earth-occupants are partly the cause.

I don’t mean to say that every hot day and every lightening strike is due to Global Warming, but the evidence is clear that on average our Earth is warming and the weather eco-systems are dramatically changing

And, Global Warming does not only affect us humans ---- animals, our co-inhabitants on this Earth, are also stressed. Rich talked about the decline in bird population and varieties a couple weeks ago. Polar bears get lots of publicity as the ice packs in the Arctic melt, probably too much publicity. But as droughts and rainstorms and human population increase, the space and food needed by big and small animals decrease. For instance, today see big drops in the number of giraffes and elephants and foxes and butterflies and salmon and even squirrels.

When I was a boy I was fascinated by golden eagles. Growing up in flatland Illinois, I never saw even one golden eagle, but I read lots about them. One of the books ended with a sage observation…the author said

“The needs of the golden eagle are his message to mankind”.

I think that statement has general truth to it. We can get by without eagles or polar bears or spotted owls, but if they cannot survive it means that our own world and environment would have changed to the extent that our own way of life could be the next to go.

And also, it would be sad to be without our animal friends, so let’s take care of their needs as well as our own.

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