Being a Faith Climate Justice Voter
October 18, 2020
Tarrah Henrie

Since I am more of an analytical person than a word person I had to look up the definition of Kairos (/ˈkīräs/). It means right, critical, or opportune. This really is a Kairos Moment for our nation. It is critical to take action to address climate change and other environmental issues right now.

In 2016 I was the volunteer coordinator for the Fremont area for one of the presidential candidates. (pause) I will let you guess which one. This year is really different. With the added duties of online schooling on top of work I won’t be volunteering for any campaigns. What I will be doing is voting for candidates that have a firm commitment to the environment and addressing climate change.

I believe that this is an important expression of my faith because environmental justice is linked to social justice. In the US, climate change impacts will disproportionately affect our low income and minority brothers and sisters. Our economy needs to be rebuilt. Let’s do it in an equitable way that makes green jobs and builds an infrastructure for a carbon neutral future. I invite you to join me in voting for candidates that care about making a positive difference on these issues. I invite you to contact your elected officials at all levels and let them know that this is a priority for you.

You can also pledge to be a faith climate justice voter:

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