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May 15, 2022
Marilyn Singer

Kairos Moments are usually those thrilling moments created by something extra beautiful or amazing- like seeing a magnificent sunset or rafting over class four rapids.

But lately, my personal Kairos moments have come in a more gentle fashion. In the mornings after I walk with our dog, I now make it a habit to end our walk sitting on a green bench that I now call my Gratitude Bench. I listen to the birds and check out the foliage and think about what I am grateful for. It’s intentional.

I actually stop and think.

And one of the things that often comes to my mind as I look at my surroundings up on the hill at Acacia Creek is how much I have learned from so many of you about the beauty and usefulness of trees. I mull over the one trillion trees project we are pledged to support and think of all those trees communicating with each other as they cool our planet.

It’s amazing to contemplate!

And I say thank you, Leonard for teaching us about One Trillion Trees and reminding us that we personally will plant 1000 trees in ten years.

And I think of Lynn and Eric and all of you they have inspired and cajoled to dig so hard planting so many trees. I know that some of you have earned blisters on those digging days. And I cruise around and check out the new foliage your work is creating, and I am grateful.

And then there are our new Coast Live Oaks in the front parking lot where Mark Twist spent hours trenching and clearing roots so he could extend the irrigation so the Green Team no longer needs to carry buckets of water to the trees weekly. That equals big gratitude.

And I look out at all the All-Church Readers who expanded their knowledge about trees. You will change the world!

And so as I sit on my Gratitude Bench, all of you, named and un-named who work so hard to green our Earth, know that I am thinking of you and thanking you. You are creating my Kairos Moments, and they are beautiful and amazing! Thank you.

Marilyn Singer

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