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August 02, 2020
Bee Newell

There is a revitalized team in church, and it is the Green Team. As a part of our efforts we look for and offer Kairos moments that will help our earth stay alive and thrive. My definition of a Kairos moment is “the opportune occasion to change behaviors and opinions. The perfect teachable time!”

There are major ones like Rosa Parks sitting near the front of the bus and there are many minor ones. I had a Kairos moment when our daughter was 13 years old. She had the tendency to drop almost-clean clothes on the floor or in the laundry basket. She also threw empty shampoo bottles in the trash. In a flash of insight, I used sticky notes placed on such items to urge different behaviors. On the clothes, I put, “Please re-wear me or put me in a drawer; I am not dirty.” On the items in trash I put “Please recycle me.” This gentle approach had the desired effect as she has become a master recycler and as far as I know washes only dirty clothes.

Can you find and use Kairos moments in your life this week?

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