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City of Fremont Housing Navigation Center Information

City of Fremont Housing Navigation Center
Additional information on a possible Housing Navigation Center at either the City Hall site or Decoto site including cost analysis; site design/preparation; public safety considerations; center operations; summary of community outreach efforts; and zoning/ceqa considerations;
COF Update Notice for HNC
HNC Survey
Provide feedback to the Fremont City Council
The city has set up an information about the Housing Navigation Center and some case studies of those who would benifit from this project. You can provide some feedback there which will be reviewed by the City Council:
HNC Feedback Page
Navigation Centers: What do Neighbors Have to Fear?
A study on the neighborhood impacts of navigation centers for the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing:
Neighborhood Impact Study
What exactly is a Housing Navigation Center? This document, from the City of Fremont, explains what Fremont’s definition of a Housing Navigation Center.
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Understanding a Housing Navigation Center for Fremont: Frequently Asked Questions
This document was developed by the City of Fremont. Updated July 30, 2019.
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Where in the City of Fremont are affordable housing? This map, provided by the City of Fremont, shows the the location of current and planned affordable housing.
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Homeless Point-In-Time Count And Survey: This is an Alameda County report on the homelessness population in 2019.
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Press Release:
Fremont’s Multi-Pronged Approach to Homelessness:
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Press Release:
Fremont Considers Homeless Navigation Center:
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Worthy of a Case Study
A Michigan community came together in support of a Homeless Navigation Center in 2016. Three years later, they are requesting another three-year lease because of it’s success. This is the letter requesting the extension:
Letter of Support Central Waterfront, Dogpatch Homeless Navigation Center